Chris is a lifelong Cape Codder who is completely vested in our communities. He works at his family business in Hyannis and his children attend Barnstable schools. He is committed to making sure that the Cape & Islands continue to be a beautiful, safe, and inviting place for young families to thrive.


Working in a family-owned business, Chris understands the destructive impact inflation, high taxes, and excessive regulation has on our quality of life. As your State Senator, Chris will challenge the Beacon Hill insiders to lower taxes and eliminate harmful regulations that stifle productivity and devastate the economy. That will help us keep good-paying jobs and make living on the Cape & Islands more affordable.


  • Married to wife Christina with four children

  • Mechanic, family-owned Alignments Plus Auto Repair in Hyannis

  • Appointed Member of Town of Barnstable Comprehensive Financial Advisory Committee since 2023

  • Graduate of Barnstable High School 2007

  • B.A., Louisiana State University (2011)


Government Accountability

Chris supports Auditor DiZoglio’s efforts to audit the State Legislature for the first time since 1922, and he believes the Auditor’s office has full Constitutional authority to perform such an audit. The People of the Commonwealth deserve to have their faith in publicly elected officials rewarded with transparency and accessibility. As the next State Senator for the Cape & Islands, Chris will work with the Auditor rather than against her so that this important check and balance of our state government can proceed in a timely and efficient manner.

Massachusetts state government is severely out of balance. Both chambers of the state legislature have had significant Democratic supermajorities for decades; currently, the State House is 133 Democrats, 26 Republicans, and 1 Independent. The State Senate has 36 Democrats and 4 Republicans. This has led to one-sided government, with no opposition capable of checking the majority and no accountability to the People.
Chris believes in complete transparency regarding ballot questions and providing all citizens with clear and concise information. He supports the ballot initiative process, which allows citizens of the Commonwealth to vote directly on important issues that significantly impact their lives, even if he does not always agree with the outcome of those votes. Question 4 in the 2022 election is one such example: Chris was glad the People could make their voices heard, although he was disappointed with the result.
However, he is concerned that the exclusion of Question 4 from the Secretary of State’s Red Book left many voters uninformed about its effects before the election. Therefore, Chris will be filing legislation to ensure that all petitions certified to appear on the ballot will appear in any informational booklets provided to the voters so that the People of the Commonwealth can make a fully informed decision when casting their ballot.BUDGET RESPONSIBILITY
The Legislature filed a final budget for FY24 a full month after its deadline at the start of the fiscal year, July 1st. This was the 13th year in a row in which the Legislature did not deliver a final budget on time. This is unacceptable and insulting to the People of the Commonwealth. As State Senator, Chris will support legislation requiring a more open and accessible budget process, which will hold legislators accountable to the People they are elected to represent. You and I do not get paid if we do not do our jobs, and neither should our legislators.

Public Safety

Our country has long suffered from a broken and unenforced federal immigration policy, which has had disastrous results from the border to our own communities. The progressive policies of our current politicians in Massachusetts have progressively made this situation worse across the Commonwealth. The sanctuary policies promoted by the Cape & Islands’ incumbent State Senator and other progressives have made the Commonwealth a magnet for illegal migrants at the expense of our own citizens. We all have compassion for those seeking a better life, but it is neither fair nor right to continue promoting sanctuary policies that displace American citizens and legal Massachusetts residents in favor of illegal migrants.
The Cape & Islands have not been immune to the nation’s spiraling drug crisis. Across the Commonwealth, opioid-related fatalities have only continued to rise and reached their highest-ever level in 2022. Progressive policies have encouraged increased drug use with little accountability and inadequate resources for recovery. Chris disagrees with the incumbent Cape & Islands State Senator’s bill to authorize so-called “safe injection sites,” which will allow for drug use with the supervision of medical professionals: this practice will only ensure that drug use continues to increase. Chris will advocate for stiff penalties on drug traffickers and repeat offenders, coupled with expanded treatment options to truly help our neighbors who are struggling with addiction.
Chris supported Governor Baker’s dangerousness bills, which were unable to pass under his tenure due to the supermajority Democratic legislature. These bills proposed pragmatic and positive improvements to the criminal justice system, including critically needed bail reforms and stiffened penalties for serious crimes. As State Senator, Chris will support all reforms that will strengthen our criminal justice system and make our communities safer.
The right of the People to keep and bear arms is one of the most critical parts of the Constitution. As a legal and responsible gun owner, Chris is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Chris is adamantly opposed to the provisions proposed in HD. 4420 which will do nothing to strengthen penalties for dangerous criminals or make our communities safer while trampling the rights of law-abiding gun owners throughout the Commonwealth.

Housing and Infrastructure

The Cape & Islands have been suffering from a housing crisis for decades. The one-size-fits-all Affordable housing policies promoted by progressive legislators for decades have not solved the problem, and we are all suffering from the consequences of that bad policy. Some of our most critical positions -police, fire, EMTs, teachers, and nurses- go unfilled because young professionals cannot find anywhere to live on this side of the bridges. This affects the quality of life for everyone in our community. Chris will advocate for new and creative solutions that work for each individual town to promote appropriate density and home ownership wherever possible.
It’s no secret the Sagamore and Bourne bridges have been in need of replacement for a number of years. And yet, there has been no appreciable state or federal action taken to decide upon a final design, related infrastructure improvements, and how to pay for the immense cost of such a project. Those costs have only continued to go up due to the failure to act by our incumbent progressive politicians, reaching an estimated cost of $4 billion to replace both bridges. As State Senator, Chris will work hard to find new and creative funding sources and incorporate all needed and relevant infrastructure improvements associated with new bridges, including widening the approaching highways on both sides of the canal.
Our major roadways have not had major capacity improvements in over half a century. As Cape residents, we all deal with the inadequacies of our roads on a daily basis, which is only exacerbated by significant traffic increases during the tourist season. Chris will strongly advocate for the widening of Route 6 all the way to the Orleans Rotary, as well as improvements to our other major routes and connecting roads. Coupled with this increase in capacity would be an expansion of public transportation to make both bus and rail service more comprehensive, economically viable, and appealing to the general public.
Water treatment is one of our most critical environmental issues moving forward. This is another area where long-time progressive incumbents have failed the People of the Cape and Islands. We are now at a critical point where comprehensive sewering throughout every town in the district is a pressing reality, and the cost to be borne by the taxpayers is tremendous. Chris will work diligently to secure desperately needed funding for these projects to keep the direct costs to individual homeowners as low as possible.
Chris believes in an all-of-the-above approach to energy. If an energy source is economically viable, safe, and reliable, Chris will support it. That being said, Chris has grave concerns regarding the current wind projects off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, including longevity, economic viability, the true cost of any electricity that is produced, transportation of immense amounts of electricity through environmentally sensitive and residential areas, and direct environmental and economic impacts where these turbines are located. As State Senator, Chris will closely monitor all practical and economic implications of any proposed energy projects and the impact they will have on the district.


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